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NASCARD RACING SIMULATOR 2016 (9 jugadores) Shipping cost from USA
NASCARD RACING SIMULATOR 2016 (9 jugadores) Shipping cost from USA
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Click on the link below to download the rulebook.

The game is free of charge, you just have to pay the printing of the cards by a    US printer who send it directly at your home.

NASCARD Racing Simulator is a motorsport racing card game for 1-9 players.

Cards are in english.

The game is intented to be played with 1/64 diecast cars but you can play with the cards only.

The game system is simple but sophisticated, cars follow each other in line (1 car by space, on 1 to 3 lines dependings race and tracks), 
simultaneously all the players reveal 1 Speed card, and Action cards.
From the last player’s car, we are going to look by comparing speeds and position on the track if a car can overtake or decrease the gap with the car which precedes it, and so on, up to the lead car.

Every player possesses potentially the same Speed cards as his opponents, but does not know what are going to make for every turn, cars forward and behind him.
Cars not allocated to a player are managed by the system.
The races are governed by the same rules as those applied in reality.

Qualifying, launched start, restart, 4 tires pitstop, 2 tires pitstop, splash, tires wear inside and outside, save fuel, incidents, accidents, penalties, yellow flag, safety car, lapped cars, lucky dog, out of gas, green-white-checker finish, all the tracks from the championship with their own properties, special superspeedway rules, everything is simulated with simple rules easy to implement.

I realize this game because, 
1/ I am a great NASCAR fan, I have seen all the races since 1998.
2/ I played many years in some leagues to NASCAR RACING 2003 but this is different.
3/ I possess more than 200 1/64 diecast cars and no game give me opportunity to use and play with them.
For the first time they go out their boxes for a complete season scheduled.

So if you are a NASCAR fan, this game is for you.

Package Contents
608 cards: 
64 cards Chrono / PitStop 
24 cards Car-Hazard 
24 cards Car 
52 cards Track (permit to design the 23 tracks).
24 cards Incident on risk-taking
1 card pace car

For each of the 9 colours: 
16 cards: Speed
1 card: Risk-taking / Save fuel
1 card: PitStop 
1 card: Short run / Long run adjustment
28 cards: Tires / Fuel

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