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RS: Kit 2016
RS: Kit 2016
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The kit contains 2 new blue cars (sauber)
and 2 new yellow cars (Lotus) Force India get Silver
Haas get Grey
McLaren get black
and the 2x20 cards correspondings to the drivers moves in 2016.

You can buy this different parts from the 2016 kit separately:
40 cards:     14 euros
2 blue cars: 10 euros
2 yellow cars: 10 euros

New qualifying rules 2016

Each playerr can now do 3 attemps by session (beginning, middle, ending
You must realize a time in beginning session, else you are eliminated.

CWP chronos are drawn at the end from the beginning of each session.
Draw chronos quickly and creat a facedown deck, worst chronos up,
to verify elilmination, without remember chrono easily.
CWPs chronos will be add by indicators from each phases from the session.

After Q1 middle: 20th, 19th and 18th are eliminated.
After Q1 ending: 17h and 16th are eliminated.
After Q2 beginning: 15h and 14th are eliminated.
After Q2 middle: 13th, 12th and 11th are eliminated.
After Q2 ending: 10th and 9th are eliminated.
After Q3 beginning: 8th and 7th are eliminated..
After Q3 middle: 6th, 5th and 4th are eliminated.

Q3 is divided in 3 phases now.

An additional set of soft tyre is allocated specifically for Q3, 
each player can draw 3 chronos cards without spending any Qualifying card

If you use 2 same cards during Q2 , you lose 1 card from your set of tyres at the start of the race.
If you use 3 same cards during Q2 ,  you lose 2 card from your set of tyres at the start of the race.

The other rules stay identical.

Nota bene:
Before, pilots try to do their best at the end of session, now they will do their best at the beginning of session.

RS: Kit 2016
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RS: Kit 2016
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RS: Kit 2016
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RS: Kit 2016
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